Monday, May 16, 2011

National League Preview

Now for the bunch of losers (ahem)...I mean the national league preview.  The NL lost a great owner last season, pullmeafredo...sort of the Phil Jackson of our world, but have enough great owners and teams to make a relatively decent effort towards making a somewhat competitve world series.  Here is a preview of one team from each division.

NL North

Detroit fans have been wondering for several seasons when the team might get back to the glory days of 90 wins and division titles.  Well fans, sorry to say that this may not be the year.  The good news for fans as they follow another season of the Vic and Victor Renteria show is that management does have a plan.  Peter Kouzmanoff is the future ace of the staff and will likely be in the fold by next season along with a couple other great prospects.  Buy your season tickets now fans, because the future is bright in Motown.

NL East

The NL East was a highly competitive, if not overly bland division last season.  Rochester stood out slightly from the group and took their first division title.  The team brings back much of the same roster this season.  They did go out and get Felipe Tavarez to complement JT Hardtke in the bullpen.  That may just be enough to eek out another title.

NL South

Like Detroit, Florida was once a powerhouse of a team that has fallen on hard times as of late.  With a steady progression of wins over the past couple of seasons, however, hopes were relatively high coming into this season.  That is until Alex Harris suffered a shoulder injury and demoralized both fans and management.  As they said in South Park for the Mets, "Opening Day and here's the first pitch....and the season's over.  Maybe next year.

NL West

Fresno has been one of the best teams in the world over the last 4 seasons, including 2 Wolrd Series championships.  All of the key players remain in place and MiguelCarrara returns after a short stint in Pittsburgh to bolster the bullpen.  It would be a shock if this team doesn’t win the division yet again, have 100 wins for the 5th straight season and make an appearance in at least the NLCS.  For fans of dynasties in full swing, look no further than Fresno…we like to offer every team a little More Cowbell, but Fresno seems to have quite enough already.

American League Preview

We will start this season preview with a look at the World Series trophy holding American League.  I have selected one team from each division to preview.  I will not be doing a favorites list or anything of that sort, but will have a midseason report card for each division sometime around the All-star break that will take a look at playoff possibilities.

AL North

Trenton went 93-69 last season to win their division and a repeat performance is going to depend greatly on the performance of two stars they traded for last season.  Trenton is counting on a rebound performance from Ralph Perry, after his disappointing debut for the squad after they traded for him last season.  Vic Becker may not put up monstrous numbers like he did for this team last season, but the offense will still revolve around him.  Overall, this squad will go as far as Perry’s pitching and Becker’s bat will take them.

AL East

Cleveland always seems to be in the race for their division.  This season should be no different.  They will still be powered by two lethal bats in Johnny Cook and Don Leach, who are both closing in on 600 HRs.  The fans may be interested in the race for 600 for a bit, but as the season wares on, attention will shift to the potential championship run for this squad.  After bringing in free agent ace Ivan Osuna, the sky is the limit for this bunch.

AL South

San Juan’s incredible 111 win season ended in disappointment last season.  The loss of Ed Walters is going to hurt, but will it keep this team from a 5th consecutive division title?  Probably not…but expectations will have to be muted a bit, of course that might be just what the doctor ordered for a redemption run at a ring.

AL West

Arizona has gotten off to consecutive 42-49 starts only to finish 89-73 both times.  Under 3rd year owner, tamadrumr, this squad has instantly become relevant.  With Jerry Cedeno joining returning aces Dennis Inouoe and Benny Saturria, they finally have the rotation tamadrumr has been promising fans since he took over.  This team is built for the playoffs, but will have to avoid another dreadful start to make sure they get there.

Season 19 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the largest class of inductees the More Cowbell HOF has ever seen.  This class may never be surpassed in regards to pure quality and statistical prowess of its members.  Thanks to all of the owners who took the time to celebrate the careers and achievements of these great stars.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playoff Preview

American League:

The first round matchup between Arizona and Cleveland should be a toss-up.  The Sand Pirates may have a slight edge with the duo of Benny Saturria and Dennis Inouoe, but their pitching falls off sharply after that.  Of course the winner of this series would then have to face San Juan in the division series, so a series win would be somewhat bitter sweet.  Expect Cleveland to win in 5.

The matchup between Trenton and Helena should be a good one as well.  The loss of Ebenezer Hooper is a huge blow for the Trash Heap.  The Trappers need their bats to produce, especially 30-30 man Francis Robinson, who comes into the playoffs on an 18 game hitting streak.   Expect Helena to win in 4.

ALCS prediction:  San Juan over Philadelphia in 5 games.

National League:

Buffalo vs San Diego should be a low-scoring series, where the first team to 2 runs has a hell of a chance to win.  The winner of this series has a great chance of making a long run in these playoffs.  Expect San Diego to win in 5.

Rochester vs Charleston is a completely different matchup from the other NL tangle.  Here, we have two teams that can put some runs on the board.  The question here is whether the River Dogs are too reliant on Deacon Smith.  If he can produce, then the Dogs will be barking into the next round.  If the Haze are able to pitch through or around him, they'll have a great shot.  Expect Rochester to win in 4.

NLCS prediction:  Fresno over Charlotte in 6 games, after the Hornets have to go the distance to beat the their division series opponent.

World Series prediction: San Juan defeats Fresno in 5 games to bring the trophy back to the AL.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Postseason Push

Pittsburgh needs to go on a run to avoid the dubious distinction of spending over $100 million and missing the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

There are four teams still alive in the hunt for the second wildcard slot in the AL.  Of course we all know that San Juan fans have pretty much already booked their hotel rooms for the World Series.

In other news...Tama drums are still the best!

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